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I am so glad you stopped by to see my art work. There are so many new opportunities coming my way. Right now I feel like anything is possible. I am a whimsical folk artist. I love color and enjoy the beauty of our world God created so I paint what I see. I paint on anything and everything that I can get my hands on, and am always trying new things with my colorful funky art. My process always starts with music.  I crank up the volume, feel the groove and work on whatever project I feel like working on...or should work on for that matter. Someones got to clean the toilets. I was the featured artist in "Lifestyles" magazine in 2004 and  I display my work at different places here in Georgia. I stay at home with a 2 year old soon to be 3 year old. I love what I do and do what I love. My house is a whimsical place of refuge. I pride myself in being down to earth and enjoying the simple things in life. I love color and am not afraid to use it.
I am in the process of having our garage enclosed for a studio. It is going to be bright and fun.  I remember as a child wishing that I could live in a castle of bright colors. Having a studio surrounded by my work and others who inspire me creates a place of peace here for all of us.  A place to get away from the worries of the world.

Keep checking back to see what new designs have been added.

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2007 Newnan Spring Art Show


2007 Powers Crossroads Show




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